EL.CO.R is a commercial agency representing companies within the electrical equipment industry and more specifically related to industrial, building and tertiary applications as well as professional and architectural lighting.

Founded in 2013 by Kostas Vegiris and Lazaros Avramidis , EL.CO.R. is the successor to a long-lasting  operation with  more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Today EL.CO.R. is  proudly representing the following companies :

  • PALAZZOLI   since 2013 (2011 with our previous company) for   Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia
  • LOVATO ELECTRIC since 2013 for Greece ,Cyprus since 2020 & North Macedonia since 2023
  • C LUCE since 2015 for Greece & Cyprus from 2019
  • STRAL since 2016 for Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia
  • PLASTIC MATERIALS since 2017 for Greece
  • CANALPLAST και OLAN since 2018 for Greece
  • EGOLUCE since 2020 for Cyprus
  • CONTACT ITALIA since 2021 for Greece & Cyprus
  • PALI CAMPION since 2022 for Greece
  • MECO since 2022 for Greece
  • GRUPPO RAINA since 2023 for Greece and North Macedonia
  • ELETTROCANALI since 2023 for Greece

EL.CO.R. ‘s strategy is to build a strong and reliable distribution network comprised primarily of distributors, followed by O.E.M’s  and panel builders, for all oyr representative brands.  We are also actively engage in  promoting our brand portfolio to  all potential final consumers such as contractors, construction companies, engineers and architects, municipalities and regional authorities, hotels and residential dev. companies, hospitals, P.P.C. and other energy co’s, telecommunication co’s,  etc.

We are highly confident in our ability to manage a diversified and quality brand portfolio while at the same time avoiding overlaps in our product ranges.

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Mechanical Engineer from Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki with M.Sc & D.I.C. in Management Science from Imperial College, University of London.

Served as high rank staff and board member in multinational and Greek co’s with 25 years experience as Commercial, Sales, Plant and Maintenance Mgr. in the Food & Beverage, Cement and Office Furniture industries.

Five years experience as Consultant for private co’s and the Ministry of North Greece, in the fields of Technological Development, Environmental issues and Industrial Investments.


Studied  Electrical Engineering in the University of Bari (Italy) .

Has been representative for Greece for esteemed companies, like GEWISS , THOMAS & BETTS , VEMER  and many others for more than 25 years. He has also experience of more than 30 years in distribution of electrical equipment.

He was a board member of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Thessaloniki from 2001 to 2018, has been vice President of theTrades Association of Thessaloniki and President of the Trades Association of Electrical Equipment of Northern Greece.



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Konstantinos Vegiris
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